Caramel Ballz

Caramel Ballz

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Freeze-dried Caramel candy is a type of caramel candy that has been dried through the freeze-drying process. The freeze-drying process involves removing all the moisture content from the caramel candy in a low-pressure environment where the candy is frozen and then dried through sublimation. By doing this, the candy retains its original shape and flavor, and it becomes lightweight, giving it a longer shelf life. Freeze-drying  Caramel candy can provide you with an entirely different snacking experience. Since the freeze-dried version is lighter and crunchier than the original, you can use it as a topping for hot cocoa, ice cream, or other desserts. You can also use it as an ingredient when baking cookies, cakes, muffins, or other confectionery items to add flavor and texture . In summary, freeze-dried Caramel candy is an excellent addition to your snack stockpile. 


Packaging sizes 

Regular 4-5 Pieces (3x5 Pack) 
Sharable 10-12 Pieces (5x7 Pack) 
Family 25-30 pieces (7x10 Pack)

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