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Salt Water - Dry Taffy

Salt Water - Dry Taffy

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Freeze-dried salt water taffy is a delicious treat that offers a unique texture and taste. Freeze-drying removes all moisture from the taffy and results in a light, airy, and crunchy version of the original candy. The process locks in the flavor and sweetness of the taffy, making it a great snack option with a longer shelf life. One of the biggest benefits of freeze-dried saltwater taffy is its portability. It is an excellent option for hiking and camping trips, as it is lightweight and does not require refrigeration. It is also a great choice for people who have difficulty chewing or swallowing traditional taffy. The crunchy texture of freeze-dried salt water taffy makes it easy to eat, and it dissolves quickly in the mouth. In conclusion, freeze-dried salt water taffy is a tasty and convenient snack option that offers an alternative to the traditional chewy texture of taffy. 


Regular 4-5 Pieces (3x5 Pack) 
Sharable 10-12 Pieces (5x7 Pack) 
Family 25-30 pieces (7x10 Pack)

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